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High quality stainless steel Momo steamer

Cooking with steam is not only suitable for traditional asian dishes such as Momo (Tibet), Manti/Mantu (central Asia), Nikuman (Japan), Mandu (Korea), Baozi (China) Pilmeni (Russia) and Buuz (Mongolia) but in recent years has attracted an increasing number of European customers who are convinced of the advantages of ‘steam cuisine’ It has long been recognised that steaming is one of the healthiest methods of preparing food e.g. fish, meat and vegetables because it retains moisture, vitamins, nutrients and flavours.

Today steaming is enjoying a renaissance, because it is an extremely economical and healthy way of cooking. You can conjure up a complete meal on one hob and enjoy healthy food which really tastes authentic without the addition of artificial flavours. 

Our high quality momo steamers are very reasonably priced because we order direct from the manufacturer and incur no advertising costs. Thus we are able to select high quality stainlesssteel in accordance to our business ethics.

Steamer Description

1. Size: 24cm diameter
2. Base pot with lid.

3. Four steamer baskets
4. Stay cool’ stainless steel handles
5. Energy-saving encapsulated sandwich base
6. Base suitable for all hobs, including induction
7. Dishwasher safe
8. Long-lasting quality

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