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Bodhi Tree (Ficus Religiosa)

Lord Buddha attained enlightenment after meditating under the original Bodhi Tree in Bodh Gaya India. Even after attaining enlightenment the Lord Buddha spent seven days meditating under the tree. According to the Sutra, previous and future Buddhas in this Kalpa (aeon) will meditate under this same tree. It still performs a very important role to Buddhists of all traditions, being a reminder and an inspiration, a symbol of peace, of Buddhas’ enlightenment and of the ultimate potential that lies within us all. For all Buddhists this tree is the most precious place of pilgrimage.

Emperor Ashoka´s daughter, the nun Sanghamitta, took a cutting of the tree to Sri Lanka where it still grows in the island's ancient capital of Anaradapura.

During a visit to Bodh Gaya in 2010 I collected many seeds from the beneath the Bodhi Tree. As a Buddhist, I was inspired to preserve this tree and give an opportunity to many Buddhist followers who do not have the possibility to visit Bodh Gaya themselves.To have such a tree at home or at a Buddhist centre is very auspicious. With this aim in mind, I planted the seeds in an area near the southern slopes of the Black Forest, Germany.


The Bodhi Tree grows well either indoors in a well lighted area where it gets a little direct sun or outdoors in the warm months in the shade or partial sun. Give it a thorough watering (but do not let it stand in water) and a monthly feeding with a good houseplant food in the spring and summer. The Bodhi tree is not hardy!

Temperature: Prefer high temperature. Suitable temperature for growth 20-32°C, lowest temperature to sustain over winter is 10°C, but in best case it should not sink below 18°C




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